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Welcome to East & West Change Management, a management consulting company. Our primary goal is to help our customers access new foreign markets. Our geography includes Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Poland, France, Germany, China, India, Southern Korea, UAE, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar.

East & West means that we strive to unite people throughout the world, help them break the linguistic and cultural barriers existing between the East and the West.

Besides, we make every effort to help our customers grow and perform at their best in the ever changing world.

Change Management stands for our intention to help you manage the changes in your business. We configure your company management system to ensure that you and your team can anticipate changes both in your business and in the business environment and even force such changes.

About company

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Become our Partner

Become a partner of Belarusian consulting company East & West Change Management! There are a number of collaboration scenarios depending on the partner type: Client Partner, Business Partner and Agent Partner.

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Accessing New Markets

East & West Change Management company provide services in accessing new foreign markets (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Poland, France, Germany, China, India, Southern Korea, UAE, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar):

1. Creating turnkey business in foreign market; 2. Analyzing foreign market; 3. Elaborating business plan and go-to-market strategy for new market; 4. Finding business partners in given country and outsourcing service providers; 5. Negotiations; 6. Assessing risks and opportunities of settled deals; 7. Custom business development solutions in new market.

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Marketing Services

East & West Change Management company provides marketing services for foreign companies: 1. Market Research, 2. Sales Research, 3. Product Research, 4. Advertising Research, 5. Contextual Advertising, 6. Developing of Marketing Mix Strategy: Product, Place, Price, Promotion, 7. Media Planning.

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