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      About Company

      Welcome to East & West Change Management, a management consulting company. Our primary goal is to help our customers access new foreign markets. Our geography includes

      Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Poland, France, Germany, China, India, Southern Korea, UAE, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar.

      East & West means that we strive to unite people throughout the world, help them break the linguistic and cultural barriers existing between the East and the West. Besides, we make every effort to help our customers grow and perform at their best in the ever changing world.

      Change Management stands for our intention to help you manage the changes in your business. We configure your company management system to ensure that you and your team can anticipate changes both in your business and in the business environment and even force such changes.

      Become our Partner!

      Join us as a partner. Together we can reach for more!

      Become a partner of Belarusian consulting company East & West Change Management.

      There are a number of collaboration scenarios depending on the partner type:

      1. Client Partner

      We appreciate our customers and treat each of them as a potential partner. Providing the customers with all our knowledge, experience and business contacts, we find the best solutions for their business during our collaboration.

      2. Business Partner

      We are open for partnership with governmental agencies, consulting companies, investment companies, banks, law companies, auditing companies and professional associations to reach for more together.

      3. Agent Partner

      We engage other consultants and private experts as our partners to enhance and consolidate our expertise, knowledge, experience and business contacts on the target markets.

      Our partnership program offers you an opportunity to:

      • expand your business area;
      • increase your in come;
      • develop your business;
      • acquire new business contacts.

      If you are ready to become a partner of East & West Change Management, please contact us!

      Mission & Responsibilities


      East & West Change Management sets forth its intention to:

      • further business relations between the East and the West;
      • help individuals and companies grow and perform at their best in the ever changing world.


      • facilitate the growth and access of our customers’ businesses to the markets of Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, China and other countries;
      • help our customers overcome the differences in the language, culture, law and business customs;
      • work for the benefit of our customers sharing all our knowledge and experience with them;
      • treat our customers with frankness and integrity;
      • present information in a simple and clear way;
      • comply with the confidentiality policy and contribute to the improvement of customer’s business safety;
      • maintain customers’ projects after the consulting stage is over: provide assistance and participate in business solution implementation.

      Customer Service Milestone

      We are convinced that every issue our clients face is unique. We seek to find, create and invent custom solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers.

      Milestone 0 – Getting Started

      During the first meeting we try to get our customers’ message, understand their business, listen to their needs and figure out what they expect from our cooperation. An in-person meeting would suite best. If it is found impossible to meet in person, we resort to Skype calls.

      Milestone 1 – Reaching Agreement

      We make an offer to the customer providing our insight into the problem, its solution, deadlines and costs. Following the offer, we draw up a contract with an enclosed work order. The customer makes a 50% advance payment.

      Milestone 2 – Implementation

      At this stage, we work on the project, negotiate issues that arise, provide weekly or monthly reports (depending on the project duration) on the project performance and interim results.

      Milestone 3 – Final Report

      Finally, we sum up the results and draw up an acceptance act. The customer pays the amounts due.


      As an option we maintain customers’ projects after the consulting stage is over providing assistance and participating in business solution implementation.


      East & West Change Management is a unity of creative people striving to change the world for the better. Our experts have a prior record of employment with major international companies, banks and auditing companies of Belarus and Russia. Our experts know every peculiarity of doing business and interpreting the laws of Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc.

      Our areas of competence include:

      • management
      • economics and economic analysis
      • marketing
      • accountancy and taxation management in Belarus and Russia
      • management accounting
      • taxation in Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan
      • tax planning
      • laws of Belarus, Russia and Poland

      Our team speaks a total of four languages: Russian, English, Polish and Chinese.

      Janna Minuchits

      CEO, Managing Partner of East & West Change Management

      • Strategic management
      • Reengineering
      • Marketing
      • Economic analysis
      • Taxation and tax planning
      • Accountancy and management accounting


      • English
      • Polish

      Nataliya Radionova

      Deputy CEO, Auditor, Partner of East & West Change Management

      • Auditing
      • Marketing
      • Economic analysis
      • Taxation and tax planning
      • Accountancy and management accounting

      Lena Charnabryvets

      Interpreter, Partner of East & West Change Management

      • Economics
      • Management


      • Chinese
      • Polish
      • English

About us

By topic

Accessing New Markets

East & West Change Management company provide services in accessing new foreign markets (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Poland, France, Germany, China, India, Southern Korea, UAE, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar):

1. Creating turnkey business in foreign market; 2. Analyzing foreign market; 3. Elaborating business plan and go-to-market strategy for new market; 4. Finding business partners in given country and outsourcing service providers; 5. Negotiations; 6. Assessing risks and opportunities of settled deals; 7. Custom business development solutions in new market.

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Translation Services

The main purpose of East & West Change Management company is to minimize barriers between countries and foreign companies, including language barrier. Our experts have excellent knowledge of English, Chinese, Polish and Russian languages and have translation and interpretation experience.

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Marketing Services

East & West Change Management company provides marketing services for foreign companies: 1. Market Research, 2. Sales Research, 3. Product Research, 4. Advertising Research, 5. Contextual Advertising, 6. Developing of Marketing Mix Strategy: Product, Place, Price, Promotion, 7. Media Planning.

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