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Customer Service Milestones
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​Customer Service Milestones

We are convinced that every issue our customers face is unique. We seek to find, create and invent custom solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers.

Milestone 0 – Getting Started

During the first meeting we try to get our customers’ message, understand their business, listen to their needs and figure out what they expect from our cooperation. An in-person meeting would suite best. If it is found impossible to meet in person, we resort to Skype calls.

Milestone 1 – Reaching Agreement

We make an offer to the customer providing our insight into the problem, its solution, deadlines and costs. Following the offer, we draw up a contract with an enclosed work order. The customer makes a 50% advance payment.

Milestone 2 – Project Implementation

At this stage, we work on the project, negotiate issues that arise, provide weekly or monthly reports (depending on the project duration) on the project performance and interim results.

Milestone 3 – Final Report

Finally, we sum up the results and draw up an acceptance act. The customer pays the amounts due.


As an option we maintain customers’ projects after the consulting stage is over providing assistance and participating in business solution implementation.

Customer Service Milestones

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