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Mission and Responsibilities
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Mission and Responsibilities


East & West Change Management sets forth its intention to:

  • further business relations between the East and the West;
  • help individuals and companies grow and perform at their best in the ever changing world.


  • facilitate the growth and access of our customers’ businesses to the markets of

    Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Poland, France, Germany, China, etc.

  • help our customers overcome the differences in the language, culture, law and business customs;
  • work for the benefit of our customers sharing all our knowledge and experience with them;
  • treat our customers with frankness and integrity;
  • present information in a simple and clear way;
  • comply with the confidentiality policy and contribute to the improvement of customer’s business safety;
  • maintain customers’ projects after the consulting stage is over: provide assistance and participate in business solution implementation.
Mission and Responsibilities