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Marketing Services

East & West Change Management company provides marketing services for foreign companies.

1. Market Research

  • determination of size and characteristics of market (customer characteristic based on age, sex, income, social position, profession etc.);
  • determination of geographical location of potential customers;
  • determination of proportion of goods of the main competitors in the total sales on the given market;
  • research of structure, composition and organization of working of the supply chains on the given market;
  • analysis of general economic and other external trends, bearing on market structure.

2. Sales Research

  • determination of distinctions in sales volume in different areas;
  • estublishment and review of the boundary of supply areas;
  • planning of visining clients by sales representatives;
  • increasing of efficiency of sales agents working;
  • evaluation of methods of trading and supply stimulation;
  • analysis of efficiency of distribution network by model “costs – income”.

3. Product Research

  • analysis of strengths and weaknesses of competitive goods (i.e. not only goods of given company, but also goods of its competitors);
  • search of new application methods of product, analysis of idea of new product, testing new products attracting custumers;
  • package research.

4. Advertising Research

  • analysis of efficiency of advertisement texts;
  • analysis of efficiency of advertisement promotion methods;
  • analysis of efficiency of advertisement working.

5. Contextual Advertising

  • creation and keeping of advertising campaigns in Google and Yandex, including selection and analysis of keywords phrases, creation advertising texts, regular setting of rates etc.;
  • web analytics (Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrika).

6. Developing of Marketing Mix Strategy: Product, Place, Price, Promotion

7. Media Planning

*Cost of the service regarding the complexity and terms of the project and is formed individually.

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Marketing Services

East & West Change Management company provides marketing services for foreign companies: 1. Market Research, 2. Sales Research, 3. Product Research, 4. Advertising Research, 5. Contextual Advertising, 6. Developing of Marketing Mix Strategy: Product, Place, Price, Promotion, 7. Media Planning.

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